Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December 14, 2015 - The best part of Christmas...


The earth looks a lot different over here, from the pictures I keep receiving but the holiday sales are the same, the colors are just as bright, the Christmas trees are covered in gold and red ornaments and the Christmas Hymns are sung just as loud. But the best part is the presents. Just kidding (;  The best part is the PRESENCE of the spirit in greater abundance as the world turns it's eyes and it's mind and heart to the Savior, the LIGHT of the world. 

The best way to celebrate Christ is to know Him, and serve Him, and give him our time, our gifts, our voices, everything. Like the wise men and the shepherds. IN relief society, we talked about the three stages of Christmas Celebration:
     1. santa, elves, baking, presents
     2. Christ's birth 
     3. Christ's LIFE, His Mission

We all want to be at stage 3, where we truly celebrate Him. His birth was a beautiful scene to reflect on and to remember, but His life, His mission, His love causes us to change and repent. Causes us to serve and get out of ourselves. I love Christ, and Heavenly Father. So thankful for that beautiful Christmas scene and for His life, which makes me better, which keeps me happy. 

I'm loving the area and my companion. We laughed a lot this week. mom will tell you why... TOOO TIRED TO FUNCTION. Gotta do what you gotta do though. Pray for us.

PS.Trying not to let Austin's fame go to my head... haha