Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1, 2016 - Short and Sweet?!

SOOOOO I am really lame this week. I took up all my time responding to you all individually so I don't have much time now. 

Highlight of my week: 

RAIN AND STORMS. Thunder and lightning. 
I love sleeping with blankets. :D TENDER MERCIES FALLING FROM THE SKYYY

Hearing Ni pray. She's been practicing so much on her own, you can tell she really means the words she says. You don't have to have a full understanding of the Gospel to be converted. She's beautiful. I am so grateful to be an instrument in helping teach those who don't know Christ. It really strengthens my testimony. 

Interview with President Fife -- He is amazing. I know he's called and set apart for each of us individually, and the way he leads the mission is so inspiring. He practices everything he teaches us. I hope to be like him someday. 

Exchanges with Sister Ahlstrom. She's the best thing ever. She's SOOO funny!!! She's from Sweden. Very sassy. I was worried to be her companion for the day but we got along SO well. It was one of my favorite exchanges ever because I learned how important it was to receive correction and act upon it. She's really good at giving constructive criticism where it's due and I can already see an improvement in just a week!! 

I've been studying prayers of prophets and apostles and missionaries of the scriptures, as well as Christ's prayer. My favorites are probably 2 Nephi 4 and 3 Nephi 19. I've been trying to pray like them, and like the Bible Dictionary explains. It makes all the difference. I feel like my personal relationship with Heavenly Father has been strengthened and I've been able to turn to Him more naturally and a lot more frequently, just because of my inspiring studies. I love the gospel.
Hope you're all well. 
I love you. 

Sister Falter