Monday, January 25, 2016

January 25, 2016 - Baptism...please don't kill him!

We had a beautiful week. 

I realize that the more gratitude I express, the more happy I am. 
This morning I was just so overwhelmed in my study with gratitude for 
the restoration. I wasn't even studying about the priesthood or joseph smith, 
but EVERY blessing we have, of the constant companionship of the spirit, 
of the scriptures and materials that we study the Doctrine of Christ from,
it all comes from the restoration of the gospel. I have a testimony of Joseph Smith and of the Gospel. I know it was restored so that we can find true happiness. Protection. Peace. 

This week we saw miracles, and I am so grateful for the spirit and that we were able to be instruments. We had a mini mission session this week with two sisters. (Young women who are preparing for missions get to spend the week practicing and learning as though they were missionaries.) My mini sister knows all my companions previously, and are good friends with them all. It was so good. It felt normal. She's amazing. So confident in teaching, and talking with people. Sister Bisogno's mini missionary was Sister Allen and she was also so beautiful and fun! We just had such a good time going on splits and teaching the gospel. missionary this week, Sister Finau. She's just beautiful. She's from NZ and she's half Tongan. She  We found new investigators and met some amazing people! 

We taught some inspired lessons and I felt so much more love for the people. What's amazing about Sister Finau is that she loves everyone. She's blessed with that gift. She has no expectations of anyone but herself, and chooses to just love and serve. It's beautiful. She helped me recognize that when you love with that much sincerity, miracles happen in their lives, and you teach with greater spiritual power. Because that power is the love of God. When she left it was like a piece of me left haha. #myonlymissiondaughter

Most of it was dedicated to preparing for Adnan's baptism. 
Lots of teaching and reminding and calling and preparing and confirming and ....
yes, well the day of the baptism was really hectic but the service was beautiful. His testimony was beautiful. He struggled through the week with temptation and anxiety but when he was baptized, it was almost as if it fled from him and he's been so happy ever since. I can't wait to come back to see them sealed in a year. It was so beautiful and my love for that family is so big!! 

I don't have much time left. But this week was beautiful. Our friend Ni has accepted to be baptized in march, so we're going to be helping her prepare for that date! 

I had to say goodbye to sister Nansen yesterday. I didn't realize I wouldn't see her again, so I started crying. So hard. It was embarrassing but honestly it was so sad. I love her so much. She's my best friend here. I told her I'll name my firstborn child after her. "Sapioamoa" hahahaha. 22 missionaries going home and heaps of my best friends. Crazy.  

That's all for the week.
Thank you for your prayers and example. I love you all. 
Sister Falter

ps the reason for the subject line is that the brother that baptized him did a really beautiful job dunking him under the water but in the process of making sure he was fully immersed in the water, he kept him under for 5000 years. HAHAH. He came up with a very shocked look on his face, and was trying to catch his breath. HAHA. so funny. 

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