Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May 11, 2015 - "You can leave now..."

We killed those ones with kindness. It was actually so funny because we went up to these people in their yard, they were like oldish and it was a woman and her husband. They immediately hated us. We offered service and they said we could leave, so we asked if they knew anyone who needed service or an uplifting message. They said even if they knew people they would never send us there.... HAHAHA. We just told them to have a happy day and a lovely mothers day. They didn't like that so we just left. 

This week was SO GOOD!!! WOOOHOOO 
I loved skyping. I was so nervous and didn't wanna do it but it ended up being WAY fun! <3 Love you all so so so much! The Chapmans are the best. Sis C reminds me of my grandmas <3333

Mother's Day Skype Session! <3 The whole family together for 40 minutes on one computer and two phones!

I went on exchanges with the Murdoch sisters this week and it was so so good. We were on a high from zone meeting, and were excited to invite everyone to pray. We taught a sister named who was super closed off and at first I thought she was just going to interrogate us. She seemed to ask hard questions to try to trick us. I usually get very nervous and upset when people are like that, but the whole time, I just remained calm. With every question, we opened the scriptures and allowed her to explore how the Book of Mormon can answer or counter any doubt she has. We taught about faith and prayer, and asked her to offer the prayer. She said she felt awkward, but I know she felt the spirit because we did. Sister Leakehe is an amazing teacher. She is so concerned for the people in her area and genuinely cares for everyone. I love that about her. We had some success finding, but the coolest part was meeting a man who was baptized 30 years ago in Bunbury (south) who had moved and his records were never transferred. We were able to meet some of his family and share a message with him and his wife. I love exchanges and learn so much, but the thing I took away from it all was the power of the Book of Mormon in teaching. We need to use it so that the words are not coming from us, but from God through His chosen prophets. The spirit will always be there when we use the Book of Mormon in our teaching.
Sister missionary is Australia Perth Mission

On mothers day we saw some less active ladies who are old and lonely. It was beautiful to be able to share messages to lift their spirits and remind them how loved they are. They truly have amazing spirits and testimonies. I cherished that time with them. That was one of the highlights of my week. (: 

We read the book of Mormon childrens reader with our little boy that we see regularly this week. We read about a prophet King Benjamin. We read about his sermon. Before it was over he ran away. We called him back but he climbed on top of this pole and started preaching from his very own 'tower'. It was so funny we couldn't stop laughing. He's so cute!! I love that he soaks in everything that we read about. 

That's all for now. I LOVE you all so so so so much. 
Have a fabulous week. Read the Book of Mormon EVERY day! 
Sister Falter
Planner Selfie! <3

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