Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May 4 - Miracles


So since I'm going to hear your voices in 7 days i'm just gonna share a miracle. Sorry it's so short, I just can't be bothered and if I share it all we will have NOTHING to talk about next week. (;

I got to see my dear friend (whom i have never met before), Becca Osborn on SUNDAY!!! She's moving to Vietnam this week, so she rushed down to sacrament meeting in Armadale to say hello and goodbye. I'm sure that's not the last of her I will see, but it will be a while. She was my only contact in WA when I came here and she dropped off my first package to the mission home the day I arrived 5 months ago. (: 

Here I was greeting people, when a young lady walked up to me and said "I came here for you..." I must have looked bewildered because I knew for certain I had never met this lady before. My first thought that was mom was worried about me and payed someone to check up with me at church (I wouldn't have put it passed her --- love you mom hahaha) but then she said her name, and I was SO SO SO excited to see her. She's lovely. <3 Sometimes talking about ranch and enchiladas is all you need to brighten your day. 

That was a miracle
Also I met someone who lived in Seattle for 7 years. He is a few years older than me, and graduated in 2010. He JUST moved back to AU and it was soooo cool to talk to him. He is meeting with the sisters this week, which is pretty cool. He was AWESOME, and when we taught him about what we do, I just wanted him to have all the blessings we receive as members. He's had lots of trials the last couple of years, and all I could think to do was promise him blessings for building a relationship with God. So I did. I hope he listens to them, and to the Spirit this week. 
That was a miracle.
It Poured down Rain this week. POURED. I just stood out there because it felt SOOO GOOD. Miss washinton rain. (:

That was a miracle. 
Finally, we went to see a sweet family we are teaching. The cute boy I talked about last week, who is 8 and his mother. They are beautiful.
We were all together, watching Mormon messages and teaching about prayer. At the end, we knelt as a family and the mum offered a prayer. It was the first family prayer they had ever said. The kids were restless, and it reminded me of home, but the spirit was strong and everyone felt it.

There is power in prayer. 
I have felt it as I've prayed for my family and friends back home. 
As I've prayed for NTHS this week,
As I prayed for the people I teach, my companion, the mission leadership. 
I feel it when I pray for the apostles and prophets.
And for the things I am working on. 
I love the Savior and recognize that He is my advocate with my Heavenly Father. I am forever grateful for Him. 
I love you. 
See ya (talk to ya) soon!!
Sister Falter

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