Friday, December 12, 2014

December 12, 2014 Scented markers, a 3-point shot, and an early Christmas Gift.

My beautiful family and radical friends,
(can't judge me- didn't say rad----- you know who you are)

This week has been amazing. I had the BEST DAY on Wednesday!! But before I get to that...

Shoutout to Emmalee for her amazing letters. She writes me from school EVERY DAY and tells me what's really going down at home: "Dad's cough sounds like a bag pipe witch really sounds like a dying duck" "mom is still sobbing..." HAHAHA I love her. Momma no more sobbing. Hope daddy is feeling better by now.
Shoutout to Melissa for remembering my half birthday -- ILYSM
Shoutout to my whole family for the letters (Yes, everyone in my district is jealous of me.... What can I say? I have the BEST family ever -- and a pretty large one;)
I heard the Seahawks won!! YAY!!

It was hard to say goodbye to my sweet cousin this week, and Daneah, but I know they will be amazing. And I LOVE seeing Katie every day! I see her more here than I ever did at home LOL. I haven't seen Jacob Stanger yet- weird. I'll keep an eye out for him!

Sister Potter got reassigned. So I'm flying alone to perth and she is going to Florida. So sad for her AND me. I really am going to miss her. 

I'm jealous of you all (falters) for getting to eat Vanessa's food. I heard about it in every letter. I would die for her lasagna. The food is okay here but nothing like home cooked meals, I'll tell you that. I have gained weight already, I'm not kidding. Bleh. 

This week has been full of fun with the Sisters, 
We locked ourselves out of the room a few nights ago and were running around trying to get the right key.
Sister McGee brought out her sniffy markers and the sisters were like on her bed for 45 minutes (we never get spare time like that) just smelling them all.... 
We have decided to love gym time and always go and play basketball or volleyball with our district. It's so much fun. And I (totally by chance) made a 3 point shot in bball...... HAHAHA Everyone thought I was a baller after that but really, it was just luck. 

We've also learned so much this week. It's hard to even talk about because I dont know where to begin. The broadcast was fantastic. I love the Mormon Tabernacle Choir so much -- wow!! Christmas music is the bom. I LOVED what president Eyering said. He is such a sweet speaker. I love the way he talks about Jesus Christ. 

We had a Christmas Devotional here too. That was INCREDIBLE. Elder and Sister Zwick of the seventy came and spoke, then we heard from this 12 year old girl who sang 3 songs for us. She was amazing. They said she was our "Christmas Present". And it was truly a gift. Her name is Lexi Walker. Look her up, she's famous or something. Anyways, she sang my FAVORITE Christmas song, O Holy Night. Nailed it, too!!

"Fall on your knees, hear the angel voices!" 

I couldn't stop thinking about this. Throughout all our time at the MTC, the speakers always call us Angels. Why? Because Angels sound the trump for Jesus and Cry to the world His name. They spread Christ's love - and so do we. 
I know there are people falling to their knees to feel the peace and comfort only the Savior, Jesus Christ can bring. There have been several times in my life, and even here at the MTC that I have done just that. I am so blessed to know He is there for me and I hope that as I meet people in Australia with the same need for comfort and hope, I can share with them my testimony and show them what Christ can do for them. 

I love Christmas time. I love love LOVE this time of year.
We constantly are focused on the Savior. 

I've learned so much this week. Mostly that I don't know ANYTHING about how to teach. I have been extremely blessed to have the teacher I have. I am so humbled to be employed by Heavenly Father for 18 months, and hope he is proud of what I have accomplished when I'm through.

I miss you all and love you more.. 
I'll be going to the airport on monday around 4-5 my time, so keep your phones on. 

God Bless you all!! 
Sister Brooklyn Falter

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  1. You're brilliant Brooklyn!!! Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos! We miss you.