Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29, 2014 - I ate pig skin!

Have you ever seen a full blown pig cooked up and chopped into pieces? The Heaene family FEASTED this Christmas, and yes... The pig was included in the meal. My Zone Leaders were there, and Elder Tipene cut up the whole pig, taking the nasty fat off and cut the meat into pieces. I have never seen anything quite like it. They thought I was so weird for never having tried it. He made me try the cheek meat and the skin. Not too bad, I have to say.

I'm not sure all I ate on Christmas night, but it was different, to say the least. They are a beautiful family. We skyped at their house and other than a lunch appointment, we were there all day! Christmas ended with everyone sitting around singing songs and telling stories. It was a beautiful day.

My beautiful family, I LOVED seeing all your beautiful faces. 40 minutes is just not enough time. I want to hear how Christmas actually went!! The snow looks beautiful. And I need to hear what you all got from Santa!! Sorry for talking so much on Skype!! (; HAHA.

I don't have much time, so I'll just tell you about yesterday.

I was bummed because nobody came to church that we committed. People should just tell us no, instead of leaving us hanging like that. It was so sad. My first flat out rejection.
Then, a lovely lady we taught during the week called and told us she didn't want us to come over anymore. I loved being in her home, and could feel the spirit so strong when we taught, but she doesn't want us to teach anymore. So here I am feeling sorry for myself. We had church in the morning so we had to do our studies in the evening. I said lots of prayers and read from the Book of Mormon and the New Testament for a while and felt better.

We had an appointment up the road with a family we met mid week. Beautiful African family with 4 kids. We went over there, but mom wasn't home. We tried again an hour later, still wasn't home. It was frustrating because we paused our studies each time to go, and she still wasn't home. We tried that night, and SHE WAS HOME!!

They invited us in and we talked while the kids ate.
They have been married over 20 years and are happy with their lives and children even though they didn't know eachother until the day they got married! The kids are so sweet, and very smart!

After dinner, they gathered around and I lead out the Restoration of the Gospel. We taught for about 45 minutes. The kids' eyes were glued as we talked about prophets, and testified of Christ. We explained about revelation, the priesthood, and made all sorts of analogies to help them all understand. They took turns reading scriptures and talking about what they meant.

We told them that our purpose as missionaries is to teach people so that they can come closer to Jesus Christ, and as we do this, our families and our lives are blessed. We told the about the blessing of baptism and how that is the first step in making promises with God, and what a blessing it is that we have the authority to baptized again on the earth, exactly like it was in Jesus Christ's time.

We asked them if they have a desire to be baptized, like Jesus Christ was. They said yes. Mom, Dad, and all four kids. Even their cousins. We can't baptize the cousins, because they don't live here and they need their parents permission first, but all 8 of the kids and the parents all said they would like to. We asked them to prepare to be baptized January 31st, and they agreed. Unfortunately the youngest is too young to be baptized (she will be devastated).

We are still working with the family, but the feeling in that room was incredible. I know that being baptised and internalizing the commitment they are going to make in January will bless each of their lives and their family as a whole. I know we met them for a reason. I can't wait to help them along their journey!

There was a miracle around the corner, literally... And I am so blessed to be a part of this work.
Nothing can top that feeling, I am convinced.

We SHARED the miracle to President Lindsay, the assistants (who cheered and clapped and did the haka for 2 minutes straight when we told them), and our zone and district leaders!

It's a great day to be a missionary in Western Australia!!

I can't wait for mothers day (five months)! I pray for my family every night! And my friends.

Make SURE you post on my Facebook to my college and high school friends to "Be safe and make good choices on new years eve. Even though I am across the world, I will know....."

I know the gospel message is one that will bless countless lives.
That's why I am here. I know it, I live it, I love it, and I teach it!

xoxoxo Love, Sister Falter

PS. Still no kangaroos. I'm starting to think people were lying to me....

Rockingham/Bunbury/Albany/Geraldton Christmas Photo sent from Sister Lindsday

And this sweet note from Sister Lindsay...
Dear Elders and Sisters,
It was wonderful to be together in the mission home for Christmas.  Thank you for sharing your talents!  There was a wonderful spirit with your zones and it meant a lot to me.  Thank you for your devoted missionary service. I pray for your safety, obedience, and success every day.
Sister Lindsay

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