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December 5, 2014 Harry Potter...and her MTC Miracle!

**Note from Mama Falter. On Brooklyn's first P-day (preparation day), the email she typed was "lost" so we had to wait until Monday night to get a letter in the mail.  Below is her letter.

Written December 5, 2014
Dear Family and Friends,

I am so bummed about my email. I cried all the way back from the computer lab. All I wanted to do all day was email home and my computer disconnected from the internet somehow and my super long and descriptive email went somewhere but nowhere to be found. Oh well. I will try to recreate it now on paper!

When Daddy dropped me off at the MTC, (Mission Training Center) I was so so sad. I was scared. A sister at the front desk helped me and started giving me instructions. I didn't find out until Sister Potter, my new companion) told me that I DID have a scheduled time - but we were supposed to look it up online. I was only an hour late and everyone treated me like I was on-time. Someone noticed I was crying in the lobby.  She was a teacher at the MTC. She asked my name and told me she would pray for me.

That's what it's like here and from then on I haven't she a tear (except at the computer lab today).

I miss home everyday but I'm at peace here. The MTC isn't the best place on earth but it's a place of miracles, a place of focus, a place of faith, and a place of learning. I understand why daddy told me it's like the temple. I love what I'm learning and I love being focused on something.

When I said the MTC is a place of miracles, I wasn't kidding. I have had horrible back pain since July. (**Note from Mama Falter: Brooklyn went to two Chiropractors, her Doctor, and physical therapy to try and get her back pain to go away.) But ever since I've been here, the only time I can feel the soreness of my back is when I lay my head on my pillow. It hasn't hurt, it hasn't bothered me, and I've been able to sit ALL DAY LONG. I don't remember the last time I sat through a 2 hour movie without pain, let a lone classrooms for hours on end. It's my MTC Miracle.

My companion is an angel sent from heaven, Sister Potter. She has the coolest name and you probably can imagine my excitement when I met her. No, she is not related to Harry and yes she is indeed a Muggle! But I still love here, Muggle or not. She reminds me of Brooke Anderton - the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. She's very soft spoken, very thoughtful, super smart, and mostly just sweet. She is so sweet. She apologizes for everything, even when it's nothing, and always thanks me for the smallest things. I love her. I love the way she thinks about lessons. We are so similar!

My district is made up of 4 Elders and 4 Sisters. I love each of the people I'm working with. The Elders are so interesting and funny.We learned about their backgrounds and why they came on a mission and their stories inspire me. One Elder is so funny because he is the new zone leader but has a very hard time not flirting with girls. He's fine with us, but meals are a challenge. :) I help him out by gently reminding him when he says something "grey area" to the girls sitting close to us. Ha Ha Ha! He's doing better.

Both of the other sisters are fantastic. One served a trial mission before this. She always has something very profound to say. Her and her comp are perfect for each other like Potter and I. We all love staying up talking. It's been so fun getting to know them.

Our zone is made up of:
A - Our district
B - A district that came out with us. 8 Elders
C - A district that stayed an extra week because of the holidays. 4 Sisters, 3 Elders

The Sisters in that district are our STLs (Sister Training Leaders). They are so fun. One is from Melbourne, Australia! She's 19 and so cute. The first night she made me and Potter try vegemite on a cracker. It tastes a little too much like USANA Vitamins for my liking, but I guess everyone will have it in Australia, so gotta get used to it! The other STL reminds me of Lauren except she sounds like a man. Picture that and you get my Sister Training Leader! We are singing in church on Sunday so I'm super stoked about that.

I've learned so much while I've been here. I love the lessons and teachers. I love learning the simple truths of the Gospel. I love studying on my own for hours every day. Who would have believed that I could actually enjoy studying for hours a day.

The food...well it isn't glamorous but I eat every meal. I try to stay healthy - protein in the morning and watch the nasty greasy foods. But really it's not too bad. It's no AQUA (Yanni will appreciate) but it's like McD or school lunch.

I saw Sister Katie Stringfellow at the opening ceremony. They asked all WA missionaries to stand, so we stood. I looked everywhere and then heard someone in the front yell "Sister Falter" and there she was! Cutest red head in the room. I've seen her almost every meal since. I saw Sister Daneah Alexander in the stairwell the same day. She had just come out of a lesson. I see her around too. It took longer to see Karli (my cousin). I was shopping for a water bottle in the MTC store. I looked up and saw her tag before I even looked at her face, SISTER BELNAP!  Mom, you would say it was a tender moment, but I was just really excited. So was she.

i love these ladies. All three of them have taught me so much growing up. They are my examples. The more I learn about missionary work, the more I love them. Seeing them with their badges is a very cool thing. I'm so grateful for them!

I learn everyday as I teach and preach and work as missionaries do! I've become less intimidated and grown stronger in my confidence every day. 

I do however miss home. I miss Washington and Sally (my car). i don't miss the dog but I miss my family and friends and life. I miss everything about my wonderful home but I know it will all be waiting for me in 18 months.

Each day is faster than the first. It's already passing.

I love you so much! Your letters mean so much. SO MUCH!! I know how much time and effort is put into each one but I appreciate your sacrifice. 

I love you all with all my heart! My prayers are with you and I feel yours.

Sister Brooklyn Falter

PS) I have learned that God loves all his children. As we learn to love others he will help you to share with them the things they need to hear to help them in life. My purpose as a missionary is to invite people to come unto Christ, and I know it will bring light and joy into their lives as we do this. 
I got voted "Most addicted to social media" in high school but I haven't missed my phone one bit. I'm not lying. It's a tender mercy - it's God helping me because He loves me and wants me to be the best missionary I can be!

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