Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015 - Joy in the Journey // Finding the Zone Leaders

Did you know that President Lindsay, my mission president, is the one that recorded the scriptures. Family, do you even understand what this means. I HAVE BEEN HEEDING THE COUNSEL OF MY MISSION PRESIDENT FOR YEARS SUBCONSIOUSLY. Okay, maybe not His words, but his voice. So cool. I'll never listen to the scriptures the same. 

This week was an adventure. The zone leaders introduced a game called Find The Zone Leaders. They hid a picture of themselves (so vain) somewhere in each district. Every night, if each companionship reports a miracle to the DL's, the ZL's will give us a clue. The first District to find the Zone Leaders and solve the riddle on the back gets a feed. Sister I is so into it!! She's up in trees and all over the place! It's been so fun and actually has brought a very positive excitement to the zone as we are constantly sharing miracles and working together. 

I'm reading in the Book of Mormon a lot, and I LOVE what the prophet Nephi teaches us about finding joy in the journey. His father was told by God to take his family into the wilderness. Nephi didn't complain, but he also wanted to know if his father's words were really from God. He prayed to know, and God indeed told him they were. That began a very long and crucial journey for Nephi and his family. They travelled for years. The women bore children in the wilderness, and all the time Nephi's family complained. They complained about the food and the location and how tired they were. Although Nephi had the same trials, he bore them differently. He rejoiced in his God and prayed to him frequently. The Lord gave Nephi power and knowledge and strength. When there was no food, instead of complain, he built a bow and hunted himself. He learned to construct tools and build a ship. He learned to sail and most importantly rely on his Heavenly Father in all things. 
They all reached the destination and received the blessings that came with it. The promised land, for them, provided shelter and safety and abundance. However, Nephi not only received this blessing, but all the blessings that came as he endured the journey to the promised land the Lord had provided. As I've read about Nephi, I know that he found joy in the gospel. He found joy and peace and comfort. He showed that as he constantly put his faith in Heavenly Father and blessed his family. I know I need to remember that in every aspect of my life. Heavenly Father has promised us a place to go, free of all the sadness and fear and suffering, if we will have faith in him, keep his commandments and endure to the end. But as I find joy in my daily journey, He will bless me with more than I could ever ask for, just as He blessed Nephi. 

We have to be willing to endure the trials and find joy! 

This week, I applied this principle through the unexpected! My companion has been sick, so we've mostly been inside (I say mostly, but its more than mostly) for the last few days!HOWEVER, the times we DID go out, we saw miracles. 

One lady who hasn't been back to church in a long time told us her goal is to come back to church and take temple preparation classes so that she could be together with her kids forever. 

We stopped by a man's house who exclaimed "I've been waiting for you's to come back! It's been months!" 

We also came REALLY close to finding the Zone Leaders! (;

Another Miracle: The big nasty cockroach in the bathroom was already DEAD when I got up in the morning. Still haven't plucked up the courage to pick it up and throw it away ---GAG!!!

I am so excited for this next week. There will be LOTS of joy in the journey since we have mission conference, and Sister I and I are singing a duet! (: Wish us luck!

I received an ABUNDANCE of letters - Christmas cards and notes from so many families I love and adore. Thank you, the pictures and notes and colouring pages mean so much to me, and I can't wait to respond to each of you. 

(The computer autocorrects and some of the words are spelled different)

I love you all!!I think of you often and my prayers are with you,Have a wonderful week!

Love, Sister Falter

To one of my very best friends, Jason, congratulations. I know the decision you've made to be baptized will bless your life abundantly. My mom sent me your testimony and I've seen some pictures of your special day and my testimony has been strengthened! 

Brother and Sister B, I was thinking of you as well this week! Congratulations. You are such a light to those around you. 

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