Sunday, January 4, 2015

January 5, 2015 - Kangaroo spotted...finally!

Every time we see a 'Kangaroo Crossing' sign I am on the look out. We barely see them, because we are not in the bush, but when we do, Sister I watches the road and I am concentrating on the bush. And I saw one. It was a split second, and all I saw was the outline of it because the sun was going down but I saw it!!

My Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been hot. I am getting tan, but only because my burns will eventually turn dark. I don't even really know the temp because it's all in Celsius but it is horrible. We are SO BLESSED to have a car and air conditioning. 

This week I got a Christmas card and package from my family and one from my extended (Yoli) family, the Bentley's! I was thinking about my friends, and all my yoli family during new years and wondering where the fun was happening. It made me miss you all! I am so thankful to have so much support. Thank you all. Thanks mom and Kylee and the Bentley's for the love this week. It brightened my day!

I've also been thinking about how beautiful Australia is! WOW this place is something else. Apparently it gets better too. the sunsets are ridiculous. The trees are amazing. The people are funny. Kicked back all the time. I love it here!

Our friend who we have been teaching came to church and loved it! Whenever there is someone new, the members go crazy. They all make sure they introduce or shake his hand. He had a blast, and the lessons went perfectly for him! He's getting baptized at the end of January! (:

We went on exchanges this week meaning I got to be with a different sister, Sister Rogers, all day! We went tracting and taught lessons together and had a blast. What I've learned from her is that every day is a new chance to reach your goals and find lots of joy! Joy and happiness come when we are working towards something great! At times, when we felt discouraged, we kept pushing and working towards our goals. The second you decided NOT to give up, and continue to work is the second you start having faith. When we have faith, Heavenly Father will always bless us. He will always provide.

I love the scripture in Alma 3:7 And it came to pass that I, Nephi, said unto my father: I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them.

God will always prepare a way. After working hard, and pushing through negativity, that's what I discovered. Trials will always make us stronger, but only if we seek the light at the end of the tunnel. Push through the darkness.

I love the Lord, he blesses me every day.
I am so happy to be a missionary.

I love you all. Hope everyone is well.

Sister Falter

PS> Thessalonians 1:2
"We give thanks to God always for you all, making mention of you in our prayers"

inside the flat. the hooded figure is Sister Fiu. We like to blast the AC and snuggle in our blankets lol

We taught a training at zone meeting (ya since the comp is an STL I have to train with her) and we used an object in our lesson AKA the elders made a pyramid. Legit!! One of the elders said I acted and sounded like I WASNT a greenie so that's a very reassuring compliment! (: It was way fun!

We eat well here! We just moved the couches to the table when we had the carpet cleaners come so we used those.

My study desk.

especially for Austin, Daniel, Hunter and Melissa, my harry potter friends... you'll never guess who was on holiday in Perth, Australia!

Brooklyn said she like Larry the Lizard better than Shadow (our dog).

And in another email...I asked Sister Falter how she was REALLY doing and this was her sweet and honest response. What a wonderful woman she is and how proud we are of her.

I'm doing okay, really. It's hard. I am happy but a different kind of happy. I love meeting people but it is exhausting sometimes. We hear a lot of sad fall away stories. Like A LOT. Everyday. So that's kinda depressing. But I am good. I'm trying to be obedient. I miss home a lot. I miss yoli and staying up to date with what's happening all over the business. I didn't realize I'd miss it so much. I don't miss twitter or music or movies, but family and free time and those things I miss. 

BUT I am loving training. I really enjoy using my leadership skills and training and teaching. I am also singing for zone conference when the general authority speaks to us next week. Me and sister Iosua-Fiu! (:

I'm good. They literally spoil us here - the missionaries get AC and we get cars and they're always making sure we're doing okay. My zone and district leaders are the bom.

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