Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10, 2015 - scary angels turned pink, Melissa, Sister Book and MIRACLES

The first time I walked into their home, the first thing you noticed was a large scale wallpaper covering one entire wall. A picture of a dark angel with wings, praying with a cross with a scull at the bottom of it. Pictures of emo angels and small statues covered the house, leaving it feeling pretty dismal. Now, let me tell you about this amazing family. Mum and 6 kids, basically raising them on her own. The kids were pretty uninterested about church, missionaries, and anything we had to share the first time I went over there. Over the past few months, many trials have come down upon this little family. Things happened in her life that caused this sweet sister to feel like she hit rock bottom. Our heart went out to her in love as we visited. We knew only the gospel would help revive her from spiritual and emotional fatigue. One day we sang her a song, and asked what the spirit told her as we sang, and from that moment on, they kicked it in to gear. She's been coming to church every week for 3 months. Everything in the house that didn't invite the spirit was removed, walls were painted (pink - we helped) , pictures of Christ and the family were placed, and they spend their time listing to uplifting movies and music that fills the home with love and purpose. The physical changes are the least of the progression that this family has made. The kids are different. More loving, more kind, more involved. They feel the spirit more, they get excited to see us and when we are over, they are well behaved and love to give us hugs and high fives the minute we rock up to their door. I love this family. They've become so precious to me. They are so happy, so bright, so fun! One daughter of theirs was baptized this Sunday and confirmed. We were there to help prepare her for that special day. What a beautiful thing this gospel has done for that struggling family. That's what it's about. Bringing hope, purpose, and the love of our Heavenly Father into our lives. All we have to do is invite him in. 

I went on exchanges with Sister Tusi this week. She's in my intake and I've been DYING to go on exchanges with her, because she is just amazing. I kept telling her how utterly excited I was. Not sure she was as excited to come with me, but we ended up having such a fin time!!! That exchange was what I needed to get out of my head, get out of the car, and talk with everyone. She reminded me to not only tell people our purpose, but more importantly to show people our purpose by inviting them to keep commitments, being bold, and sharing gospel principles or scriptures with EVERYONE we meet. I loved feeling her testimony as she taught and testified. She's a powerhouse, and such a good friend. Love Sister Tusi (means book in Samoan). She also taught me some Samoan words so I'm going to probably come back fluent. LOVE MY SAMOANS!! (: 
A miracle happened. I was riding my bike and felt prompted to STOP. I ignored until it came again stronger so I obeyed straight away. Almost got thrown off my bike but I followed a prompting and we were able to provide comfort and support to a family in need.  The gospel blesses families. I KNOW IT. I've seen it so much, lately. Never ignore promptings.

Things are really starting to roll in Byford. We are starting to get member referrals, we are starting to get heaps more potentials, and we are meeting a lot of people. I am so excited for the coming weeks!! 

I LOVE YA!!! So much. Sending packages / letters today (once I finish them). 
Feels like Christmas here. Been singing my favourite CHRISTMAS songs ALL week. Enjoying the rain as well. GORGEOUS sunrises. 
That is all. 
Also I'm not really sure if my letters are any good so if I'm not answering the questions you really wanna know pls tell me or ask me bc honestly I could be completely useless and wouldn't even know it. I just write what comes. 
I need feedback lol. 
Love, Sister Falter
PS the suspense is killing me pls someone tell me is Melissa engaged yet #uselessbestfriend #inthedark 

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