Monday, August 3, 2015

August 3, 2015 - Reflections

It's amazing how much of a difference your week is when you have a minute to just take a step back and look at what's been accomplished. I moved my bed right by the window so I can look out every night. I love the Australian sunrises and the stars are amazing in Byford. I love writing in my journal and recognizing the hand of the Lord each day in my life and in the lives of all the people we meet and work with. Recognizing the moments when I truly was speaking as a representative of Christ and not just sister Falter or BK. 

I am thankful for a couple of main things:
1. Leadership - the amazing missionaries I work with, the assistants and President and SIster Fife. Amazing leadership. We feel their prayers and concern each day and every time we receive training. We feel the spirit of their own personal conversions and experiences each time they counsel with us. 

2. Repentance and Practice - that we sometimes are really bad at what we are required to do, but the more we work at it, the more we pray for it and study it and practice, the more effective we are at using that skill. I LOVE developing skills, even though it's a long process it's fun! 

3. The Sacrament and the Spirit - Saturday night and Sundays have become such a huge influence to the rest of my week. The way I prepare effects the way I feel when I partake of the sacrament. It allows me to receive more of the spirit because my heart is more broken or open and it influences every day afterwards. I had an amazing feeling, a beautiful experience last week during sacrament. I felt so enlightened and peaceful. The spirit was teaching me and helping me remember WHY the sacrament is so important, and why I need it, and how I can be more like Christ THIS week!! 

4. Prayer and Reflection - accounting to the Lord in prayer, the ups and downs of the day, helps a lot. Helps me understand my purpose, helps me recognize weaknesses and be humble, helps me feel the spirit and recognize answers, brings me peace and enables me to feel the love of God. 

Christ enables all of these blessings which is why I am so thankful and owe so much to Him. It reminds me of why I decided to come on my mission- because it is a way for me to acknowledge my Saviour and what he has done for me, as His sister, and to enable me to learn how to serve him more fully throughout my life. 

 I am trying to be a great missionary. Yoda was wrong, there definitely is a TRY when it comes to personal progression. Sometimes I fail, but then again I realize that once again Christ has got my back, and my front and both sides. Completely covering me with Grace and Love. 

My gratitude for Him grows as my understanding grows. Experiencing the atonement in my life through trials is one of the greatest gifts the mission has brought. 

I AM THANKFUL (can you tell). 

I am also thankful for Pday. it is part of the mission experience. (: I love learning more about the people you all are, and seeing the blessings of the gospel in each of your lives. Honestly, it is such a blessing. I feel the spirit as strongly during emails than during the rest of the week.

Thank you. Your examples give me a beacon to follow. 

I love you all<3  

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