Monday, August 17, 2015

August 17, 2015 - Kangaroos

Almost died when we were in the car on the way to the chapel because I saw some kangas in the distance and was definitely distancing myself from the lane in the process. My companion LOVES my driving LOL but she can't drive because she is basically blind. She's getting new glasses next week then we might call and try to switch drivers. :D :D (that's my idea but I haven't told her yet lol) 
Had interviews with our mission president and he is so awesome. We were discouraged because in Byford, everyone knows everyone. It's kinda out a ways, inland, and the people are friendly and the houses are just 3-5 years old so when we go tracting, they post on the "Byford" facebook group where we are and everyone closes their doors and windows and pretends that they're not home EVEN THOUGH WE CAN HEAR THEM. haha. Some members and random people have told us they see our names on their quite often. Usually tied words like "witches" or "mary poppins" or "school girls". So the people know OF us but they don't KNOW us. My first thought was "MARKETING YAY!!!" Growing up with dad as my father, of course I was excited about the free advertisement, but when you start noticing people literally running away from us it becomes a bit discouraging / frustrating. HAHA. 

It's also quite funny and we usually have a great time just laughing about it. 
He told us that if we pray for the people who see us on facebook, or close their doors on us, Heavenly Father will give us the opportunity to talk to them, the spirit will tell them to open their doors, and we will have greater opportunities to serve the people of Byford. 
That's exciting, right!!? 
LOVING my companion. We have too much fun together -mostly her laughing at me but she can we an egg sometimes too. :D 
Thankful for trials - they make me stronger. 
I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOOO MCUH. Congrats to my beautiful bestie who is getting married without me *cries* 
Sister Falter
PS convention sounds AMAZING <3 loved the pics

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