Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015 - Miracles in Sunday form

Where to even begin.

This week is hard to describe because it was so good and so hard all in one. I learned a lot, though. 

We teach english classes in this area, every week! Last week, we taught it for the first time with the Elders. It was SO MUCH FUN! All of the students, for now, are Chinese students from the University. They are so smart and funny! Sister Leleisiuao and I helped them learn vocabulary for baking and cooking, and we baked cookies. We taught them how to read cooking instructions and what all the words mean. Some students know a lot of english and others know little. One guy asked what the word "egghead" meant, because he heard a student call someone that during class. We were all laughing. It was so much fun, and I already love all those people. Can't wait for next class! (: 

We did lots of bike contacting this week. There was a flat tire and tightened brakes but through it all, we had lot's of fun. (: 

We were out contacting people and we decided to talk to the gardener of this complex. He had a hard time speaking english, so we offered to help him learn. We found out a little more of his background and had a lovely conversation with him, and agreed to come see him another time to help him learn english. While we were talking to him, a man pulled up and greeted the gardener, who he knew pretty well, then started talking to us. We found out his name was Sunday (he proved it with his license) and we told him what we did as missionaries. He said he had met with many different people to talk about religion and would love to learn more about Jesus Christ. We met up the next day, and we taught him about the restoration of the gospel. He absolutely loved learning about it. He was so interested to hear about Joseph Smith and when we asked him to pray about our message, he told us he would pray, because he wanted to get an answer just like Joseph Smith. He has a strong testimony of prayer, so we invited him to pray. It was his first ever vocal prayer in front of people but he did a beautiful job. He told Heavenly Father that he was thankful that the missionaries came, and that he knew the message we shared would change his life. I know what he spoke in his prayer is true. It will change his life. We are seeing him this week, several times because when we asked him to be baptized in April, he said he would love to prepare, so we're helping him with that. (: I LOVE the gospel. It truly does bring people closer to Christ. 

It's getting cold here. We don't use the fan anymore and I finally got out my big blanket. (: I had to borrow one of the sisters' sweatshirts for the mornings now and wear my wool socks. I don't think its even very cold, I'm just used to the HEAT of Australian summers. Excited for the fall though!!!

I love you all. I am so proud to be a missionary. On Sunday we had our Stake conference, and the missionaries surprised our beautiful mission family (president Lindsay, Sister Lindsay, and Robby) by getting up and singing called to serve. In their testimonies, they spoke about the importance of sharing the good news we have with everyone. It is through this work that we become like Christ, having all of His attributes and loving those around us. Many times we think we have to be perfect to share our testimonies, but it is the other way around. 

We met this man who is very old. He got baptized last year. He expressed to us his love for the Lord and what the gospel meant to him. He told us that he used to always fear death, and hated his life because he never did anything meaningful. Christ put meaning and growth back into his life, as an old man, and He does that same thing to each and every one of us when we let him. 

I know the church is true!
Have a wonderful week! 
I miss you!

xoxo Sister Falter

PS) Emmalee give Adam a great big birthday hug for me!

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