Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March 3, 2015 - Im going to be famous

Remember that news article I was interviewed for?? YEAH well it's out for the world (of the Rockingham area of Western Australia) to see!! Except it is not what we expected. So I hope none of you lay your eyes on it. The actual article is in a magazine and it looks pretty nice, but it's kind of embarrassing. WE thought it would be about our purpose as missionaries, but most of the quotes she used to create the article were about what we DON'T do as missionaries. The rules and such. It seems as though we are all super homesick and we make a short sacrifice just to turn around and jump right back into life as normal when we get home. Like our missions are killing us. We said all the things she quoted us as saying but it is very misguided and out of context. She was so kind and the intention was good, but I am a bit embarrassed. Probably because the quote she put in there by me literally does not make sense and dad would shudder to know that it was even printed. I am a high school graduate, I should at least know how to put a sentence together. 

We all laughed about it though, and really do hope it triggers people's interest to talk to us and ask us who we are and what we do.

Let me tell you briefly why. 

Firstly, I got the valentines package. I've already worn the shirt and eaten the candy. Sister Iosua-Fiu says thank you so much for the valentines. xoxox to all of you. The music was the best, though! EFY music is the bom! 

On Wednesday I got to go out with Sister Tamefuna all day for exchanges!! I'm happy to say her "backing" skills have improved immensely and there were NO major accidents recorded........There were no minor ones either (; She is so funny and we were laughing all day. I absolutely love her. We taught several lessons and in one particular lesson, we taught about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our unique message about how Christ's church was taken from the earth after the death of Christ himself and his apostles, and was restored once again to the earth through a Prophet of God through the power of God. She loved the lesson, and when we testified of the importance of following Christ's example of being baptised by His authority and power, she accepted the invitation. Because of the example of her friends who are members, she has been really open and excited to get her family to church. So on sunday she came! She had a fabulous experience meeting everyone. 

One of the apostles of the church, David A Bednar was in Melbourne, and had a broadcast that afternoon for parents specifically relating to families. We were able to watch that with her, and although it had been a long day for her, with lots of new stuff, she brightened when we asked how it was. She loved it. I can already see the light of Christ changing her. (: I love this gospel. 

We had a training meeting on Saturday. It was amazing.  President Lindsay was able to give training about being personally converted to the gospel. We were reminded to not change for the mission but allow the mission to change us. That hit me pretty hard. Am I changing for the mission, and just adapting to the schedule or am I truly allowing these experiences, people, and time to change me. I think this weekend it did! 
I could feel the Holy Ghost testify to me that what he said was true. That I was called by a prophet to represent Christ in proclaiming the gospel because I came to know was true for myself. I am thankful for the training we received, and for all I learned in the mission home. 

Saturday night was the activity that took us all week to prepare for. Baldivis Got Talent. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! Best night on the mission so far because the chapel hall was PACKED with people in the church, out of the church, people who haven't been in a long time and families and friends. The talents were amazing and so different. Drums, cultural dances, skits, fashion shows, and all sorts of singing. Elder Holyoak rode the unicycle and jumped over the bishop on it. SIster Iosua-fiu joined in one of the dances. IT WAS AMAZING. I think it really helped unify the ward. 

On Sunday, a friend of ours, Koen is leaving for his mission, so he was able to bear his testimony to all of us, and in response, people from the congregation came and bore theirs to him. It was beautiful. The spirit was so strong and I could feel Elder White's excitement and love for the gospel as he sat there on the stand! He's called to Las Vegas!! (:

We also were able to watch the broadcast I talked about earlier. Although many of the topics were related to how to deal with spouses and families, I was able to relate it to how to deal with my missionary companions so it was pretty cool. (: hahaha
One thing I LOVE that he said is that 

We can not come unto Christ unless we are facing Him, first. 

This morning in personal study, I was reading about God's plan of happiness. Because God loves us he sent us to earth to gain a body, and be cleansed of sin through Christ so that we can return to Him again, perfected and glorified.
 Remember when Dad went to the movies to see Lord of the Rings? How he cried his eyes out (I might be exaggerating a tiny bit) because the movie was exactly like he pictured it as a child. He grew up with certain images of what middle earth looked like, and who Pippen was. When he watched the movie and say what he had always imagined come to life it was like the best thing ever for him. He was so happy he cried. 
That's the story mom told me, and Iw as thinking about it this morning.

I've grown up with a hope, and expectation of being with my family after I die. Being together with God and Christ, being happy like them. I think of the same happiness that Dad felt and can only imagine we will feel that way too, when we see what God has in store for our lives. Our lives, which are just like the stories dad read as a child. It's hard to imagine anything could be more fantastic and exciting as Lord of the Rings extended addition, especially with all the Hobbit's tacked on (No, I haven't seen the last hobbit don't rub it in), BUT I think that this will top it. That's why we have to prepare now to meet God, so that we can truly belong to His family in His home, partaking of His Grace and Happiness, forever.

SOrry the email was so long and personal, but
My testimony was strengthened this week. I hope yours was too! 

Love, Sister Falter

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