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March 9, 2015 - Drumroll please!

I know you're all dying to hear about transfers. (if you don't know what a transfer is, every 6 weeks the missionaries fin out if they get moved, where theyre going next, and who their with.... it's basically the most intense weekend ever, transfer weekend. So tense)

Anyways, on Sunday night, we were lying in bed, too tense to do anything, WAITING for the call to come. We called our district leader, no info. We called our zone leaders, still nothing. We called the sisters in our zone, and they were all freaking out. We told them we would call them with any news of transfers, because the zone leaders usually call the sister training leader first (my companion), and we spread the news to our sisters. 

Here we are, staring at the phone, sick in our tummies, when the phone rings. It's President Lindsay.... AHHHH. We answer and he starts making small talk (the nerve) and eventuyally it comes out. Sister Iosua-Fiu is staying in Kwinana, and is training SISTER POTTER, MY MTC COMPANION for her last transfer. Then he asks me to be a Sister Training leader. I accept and without hesitating, he ENDS THE CALL WITHOUT TELLING ME WHERE OR WHO I AM WITH. 

We didn't get a call the rest of the night, so I was still just freaking out, and I barely slept last night. We woke up and first thing texted to zone leaders. FINALLY they called us. 
I am going to the city, up north. I am in Dianella zone. I am getting doubled in to the area, and we are opening it back up (meaning there hasn't been any missionaries there in a couple months). My companion is .... SISTER LELEISIULO! (you say it like le-lacey-wow!) She is the most bubbly, happy, funniest sister ever. I absolutely love her and have since I met her at Christmas. She makes everyone feel beautiful and can talk to anyone. She makes everyone laugh. She comes from Melbourne (she was friends with sister Iosua-Fiu before the mission). She has been out for over a year. She is Samoan.
I feel SO BLESSED!!! (: (:

Sorry for the novel, I just want to express to everyone the DRAMA of transfer calls.... hahaha

I am going to miss Sister Iosua-Fiu, and Kwinana.

I have fallen in love with some of the Single Adult ladies in our ward, and all of my investigators. <33 Especially the two young boys we are teaching. We've been teaching them for weeks, and last week in particular it was amazing to see how excited their family was to download the scripture app and start reading it! They also are getting into all the children's primary songs, and we sing one before every lesson. Their mum is so excited to come back to church. I know that even though they are young boys, they notice a difference as they've been learning about the gospel and it will bless the rest of their lives more than anything else will. They love reading from their scriptures. They make us laugh as they tell us about school and all their activites. They just fit in with the boys their age at church. They say the sweetest prayers, and are so excited every time we come over. Last time they made us a gift, a little potted plant and planter box thing. They painted it and everything. Adorable. I'm going to miss them... I know Sister Iosua-Fiu and Sister Potter will take care of them. AND I'll get to come back to their baptisms, but it's still hard to leave. As for the members, they are the best! We got fed EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK. I have never been so stuffed in my life. HALF of them are islanders, so their philosophy is "eat until it hurts". I am not very good at that but I am trying. I think my stomach is starting to expand. I HATE when I can't finish the food, but slowly I'm getting better. (: The members just laugh at me and keep on dishing more... It helps, but I usually end up eating until I literally do hurt. hahaha.  

The food is always soo good!! They love to get fish and chips, taco's, potato salad, green salad with nuts and fruit in it, lots of chicken!! I'm loving it. There are very similar dishes and then very different ones as well. I've loved everything so far. (: 

Many of our investigators didn't respond to us, and we couldn't see them this week. I was feeling very discouraged and wanted to find someone to teach! On Sunday, we set a goal to find one after conference. Sister Iosua-Fiu decided to go to a house we had seen people at once before and they yelled that "we are going to church but come back". We went and met a lady there. She is a beautiful Filipino lady. She spoke of the contact she's had with missionaries up north once. She fed them and everything, but that she's never been taught about the Mormon church. She believes in Christ and God, but keeps an open mind to others' beliefs.  (: We shared our purpose as missionaries and a bit about the Plan of Salvation. We left her a pamphlet and told her we would come back next week!!! I'm excited for the sisters to teach her. 
She was my miracle. 

I'm thankful for Stake conference down in Bunbury. I saw lots of cows and horses and even some camels on the way there but NO KANGA'S! It was held at an arts centre because the chapel wasn't big enough. It's about an hour south of where we live. It was such a lift in my week. We heard from Elder and Sister Meurs of the area 70, President and Sister Lindsey, The temple president and his wife, the stake patriarch, and a few recents converts to the church as well as President Stanley (stake president). Amazing messages, and all about missionary work! Then, I got to spend the afternoon at president Stanley's  home with his wife and children. They are a beautiful family. Sister Iosua-Fiu's favourite area was that one, and that family has basically adopted her. (: 

(Brooklyn said her new companion is standing next to her on her left.)
I am so thankful for what I have learned this week. About having Faith, trusting in God, and letting Him take care of the rest. I have such a testimony of Christ. His example is for us to follow, and His sacrifice is for us to use. I'm thankful we can pray to our Father in Heaven for answers, and for comfort. I am thankful for the Spirit, that can teach me things and testify of truth. I love the gospel, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true.

Love you, and I pray for you.
Thanks for the letters. <3

Sister Falter

PS Shout out to my best friend Lindsey Woolf. #returnwithhonor

(Brooklyn went fishing with the missionaries in her area on her preparation day.)
 Pictured: Elders: Preston, Holyoak, Kalio, Christeson. Sister Iosua-Fiu

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