Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June 16, 2015 - Sorry about last week.

I am such a failure sometimes but THE emailing is the most stressful part of the week. I'll tell you why: 
1. There is a time limit at MOST libraries incliding this one. 
2. You barely remember what you have planned for the day let alone what happened 24 hours ago. 
3. too much to say but you don't want your family falling asleep. 

There are more but those are the main ones. 
Don't judge my emails ok fam?! 
Right. Now. Let's get started... 

This week I learned so much. I learned about the love of our Saviour. He just loves us unconditionally. I don't fully comprehend how the Atonement works or how someone unclean can be washed clean of the sins and mistakes and distortions in our minds and hearts and become like Him. How? I don't know. But I KNOW he can heal our spirits. Especially as we make and keep sacred covenants and use our experiences in life to learn right from wrong. I can't explain how or what happened this week as I went to church and the temple, but my spirit felt healed because of the pure love of Christ and my Father in heaven. I learned that the love of my companions is so essential in progress and healing. and that when we covenant to remember Christ at baptism, not only do we 'Remember, Remember' to keep the commandments, but we 'Remember, Remember' His love, sacrifice, and mercy! 

God loves us. All of us. He took us by the hand almost literally, it felt like, and lead us to meet so many precious people this week who we have shared the gospel with. I love being a missionary and talking with everyone because we give them the opportunity to learn about the saviours grace and mercy, and not only that but to access the blessings of His atonement by living the principles and ordinances of His gospel, Baptism and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. In a time I have never felt the adversity and satan so close to me, I have also experienced the most love and beauty from His opposite. 
I am just so grateful. So So grateful. 

Our prayers this week have been literally answered as we worked hard and followed the small voice of the spirit. 

My companionS are angels. We sing to EVERYONE and it is SO MUCH FUN. Sister Vea cut my hair yesterday ... and she's teaching us to HULA. She gave me her lava-lava (bless her <3) and sister Leakehe is the least trunky missionary in the APM and she leaves in 3 weeks. So much focus. 
The members are SO PRECIOUS. They take care of us. Give us people to teach, and love to hear us sing. 

We had a Mexican fiest as a ward activity so my taco cravings were satisfied. 
Last night we visited a member who fed us the BEST chop sui. 

I love every minute. 
It's not for Him that he sends missionaries, it's for Us. 
But our humble contribution is enough. 

Thank you for your undying love and support. I felt it this week as I received letters and cards from those I love dearly back home and in far away places.  I love getting letters from my cousins on missions, family and friends and members of my ward family back home. 

I'm probably not the missionary you all expect me to be just yet but I'm working hard to get there. Some days are better than others. Please pray for me. (: 

Love you all!
xoxo Sister Falter

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