Tuesday, June 9, 2015

June 2, 2015 - Transfers, Trios, Opening New Areas and more!

It's been a great week. Pretty full-on. There were some very stressful moments. I try to remind myself not to stress out completely, but it's just in my nature. There have been lots of prayers said this week regarding our investigators and members. But it's been a very very busy and wonderful week. There were miracles every day. I think people are starting to get over the flu... That helped a lot! 

Melissa and Mya are so excited for their baptisms. Melissa been reading her Book of Mormon every single day and says "the more I read about what Lehi is telling his sons, the more I think I believe him. Almost like I fully believed before he even says anything and once I read it, I just accept it.." She's up to 2 Nephi 3  now and helps her kids read often as well. I love them, and am so happy we get to continue teaching them as recent converts in the ward. (: CAN'T WAIT FOR SATURDAY!! 

Reading the Book of Mormon has strengthened my testimony of it a hundred fold and helped me feel encouraged and strengthened. I love reading it, it's been the biggest source of personal edification for me this transfer. (:

I loved reading about Moroni today. He is such a defensive leader. The first time they fought, he lead his armies relying on merely their faith in the Lord and their armour. The next time they went to battle, Moroni was preparing. He knew his enemies outnumbered his people, and he knew the weaknesses of His. Instead of increasing their strength in number, he focused on the weaknesses and made them strengths, so that the Lamanites could not come against them, saving his people and encouraging peace in the land. 

There are so many weaknesses I can turn into strengths if I truly follow the Holy Spirit's guidance. We all need help to defend ourselves from our adversaries. The Lord will always strengthen us, but we also must put forth that effort to be smart and defend ourselves against those negative influences. 
Transfer news. 
Sister Tukuafu is leaving. Going to miss her - she taught me a lot about diligence and humility this transfer. So blessed to have been with her. She's off to train a new missionary, but staying in the zone! (yay) 

The Young Women in our ward fixed us dinner! <3 #personalprogress

Zone P-Day Activity!

I'm ..... staying, kinda..... So right now my ward has 2 sets of missionaries. I am opening a new area called Byford with TWO other companions (both tongan - one from America and one from NZ) and we are the STL's for Southern River Zone. Not sure if that made sense at all. Basically my area now that I'm moving out of will become an elder's area, and we will have 3 sets of missionaries in the zone. I've served around / know all the missionaries coming into the ward and they're all awesome so I am SOOOO excited. (: (: So I'm opening a new area, and flat, so that means NO COCKROACHES. Yayyy. 

My companions are AWESOME. 
Sister Leakehe and Sister Vea. I've gone on exchanges with Sister L this transfer. She taught me so much. This will be her last transfer. 

So excited for this coming week. We don't have much time for emails today because we have heaps of things to do to get the flat all ready but I will send some pictures. (: I lost my camera all week but there's a few on there. (don't worry I found it) 

Love love LOVE you.
Sister Falter

PS I had so much to say but I've forgotten it all. I'm just thankful for so many things this week and my testimony has been strengthened through trials and experiences. So grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. <3

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