Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29, 2015 - Short and Sweet


This week we had the opportunity to go to the temple with my zone and have training one last time with President and Sister Lindsay! They will be missed. We miss them already. I was able to sing one last time for them with my companions at the training meeting. Isreal Isreal God is Calling.. on the fourth verse everyone stood and sang. I loved hearing their final testimonies. They have influenced my life more than they could ever know. <3 

This week I also learned about Nephi, when Bishop spoke of His Psalm. 2 Nephi 4. I learned from him that yielding to Satan, or the adversary, means that we do not put our full or complete trust in Jesuis Christ, and allow Him to make us whole. Allowing Satan in our lives is more than just doing the wrong things, but not allowing ourselves to think or feel the right things. Not allowing God or others to help us, to lift us. Alma spoke of His conversion in Alma 36, and at the beginning briefly describes the horrible crimes he knew could not be compensated for by his personal right actions or personal worthiness,  but it could be made right through Christ's grace and mercy. We have to accept imperfection- but not let it overcome us. We have to trust God, do our best, accept Christ's atonement, and strive to live faithful to the promises we make when we are baptized and confirmed. THEN we are good enough. Nephi recognized this. Alma did. We can as well. 

This week we taught one of our new investigators the gospel of Jesus Christ and expressed the beautiful way we can be relieved of all our guilt and pain. You could almost feel her relief that there was something big enough to do that for her. That she could eventually feel right with God again. It was a beautiful thing to testify about it after the week I had and all I had learned. 

We did heaps of finding this week and I got to be with sister Tukuafu for a day as well!!
I have to go now. sorry it's so short. 
Miss and love you all

Siste Falter

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