Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015 - There is a fight going on outside the library in the mall!

You heard me. ALL I hear is a man hollering because there's two little ones on top and pinning down one big guy and all of the customers are just stopped watching it happen. Half of them are on the phone with the police and the other half are either laughing at how ridiculous it is, or anxiously looking up and down the mall for security. Nice. 

The police just arrived and everyone is still watching. I'm just very confused about the whole thing. 

Anyways, this week was so good. 

I went to the temple with Mya and Melissa for the first time. They LOVED it. They could not say enough about how beautiful it was inside, and how good it felt. Mya said it felt like she was in Heaven and Melissa couldn't stop smiling because of the spirit she felt. It was a blessing to be a part of that! All the youth were there and most of the leaders as well. Such a cool night. 

I learned this week about fasting. That is one of my new favourite commandments. 
Fasting is such a blessing. I am so excited to fast with greater faith and purpose for the rest of my life. (: We always teach people that fasting is an opportunity to be closer to the spirit as we focus more on the Spirit, and less on our own physical needs. As I fasted on Sunday I never felt fatigued or hungry, but all day I felt close to God. I felt the still small voice teach me and comfort me. Many questions I had were answered and I felt so loved. 

I read in one of my favourite talks of all time about how sometimes we feel like we're in spiritual prison, but in those times we can often create a refuge, a temple, a light that will penetrate the darkness and free us from the adversary. Joseph Smith was in his own Prison Temple in liberty jail, under the worst of conditions because of his willingness to seek the will of God, Listen to the Spirit, and have faith in His Saviour and Heavenly Father's promises to Him. I felt that way when I was fasting. I felt like I was close to God, even when the adversary was coming at us! What a blessing to feel that way. I recon most people don't have that blessing of knowing they can escape their own personal prison by seeking reverent guidance through the Holy Spirit as we make our ground sacred. 

My companions and I are having so much fun together, but part of the week was spent with other sisters. 
Sister Bisogno from NZ came to our area one day and I went with Sister DeVera in Melville one day. I LOVE these sisters. I've been on exchanges with both of them before and they teach me so much every time. We've all improved since last time, which was so good to see. Sister De Vera is from the Phillipines and she made me Pork Adobo and taught me how. I LOVE Adobo. Yummm. We had a pretty interesting day. Met some weird people and most people were VERY keen to talk but not very keen to listen.... Makes for an interesting day. Loved it though. We had so much fun! (: 

I'm learning so much and growing. 
It's very cold but so beautiful here in Australia. We live next to a beautiful fountain/lake and park and when we wake up, the sun Is JUST coming up. 

President and SIster Lindsey leave soon. Our goodbyes are on Wednesday. What will we do without them?! Probably work hard and do exactly what we're doing now... (: But the APM will miss them dearly. Especially President's Announcer voice and Sister Lindsay's tears when we sing. AND her cookies. (: I adore them. Cant' wait to meet president and Sister Fife!! 

Well the police came and everyone's cleared out so must be fine #likeitneverhappened

Lots of love, 
Sister Falter 

Merry Christmas (in the words of Austin
Happy Fathers Day. ILY! 

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